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Limited availability June July end of August & October 

Welcome to French Wargames Holidays 
                    Your hosts Matt & Vanessa Williamson

The only French holiday for lovers of Wargaming and Military History.
Custom 3-5 night Packages for, singles and couples.
The only Wargames Holiday that your partner will enjoy. 
Beautiful B&B accommodation c1690 L'Hotel de Hercé, Mayenne,


Unique Holiday - Wargaming, Military History Touring & French Cultural Heritage Tours, great food and wine. 


Ancients, Medieval, Renaissance, French Revolution, Franco-Prussian War & WW2


 2024 Events

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a world of options 


Gaming Periods

Play popular periods, a mix of nations and outer worlds!

  • 28 & 1/1200th Bronze Age Greeks

  • 28mm Rise and Fall of Rome Romans, Celts, Gauls, Germans, Goths, Sassanids, Sarmatians, Alans

  • 28mm Early Medieval Normans, Vikings, Franks, Bretons, Maine

  • 28mm High Medieval English Scots, Bretons, French

  • 28mm Late Medieval French, Bretons

  • 28mm Renaissance French, Germans, Swiss, Bretons, Italians

  • Horse and Musket French, English, Americans & 1/1200th Naval

  • 28mm Napoleonic French, English, Rhine Confederation, Austrian, Prussian, Russian & 1/1200th Naval

  • 28mm 19th century Franco Prussian War,  ACW, 1/1200th Spanish American War

  • 1/72 WW1 Aircraft 

  • 20mm WW2

  • 20th Century Cold War - Bush Wars, Modern 

  • 30mm Fantasy Battles Middle Earth, Warhammer World 

  • 1/300th, 20mm & 30mm Future Wars


Rule sets

Rule sets 

  • Ancients - Saga, Hail Caesar, Impetus

  • Medieval - Saga, Lion Rampant, Barons Wars, Hail Caesar, Impetus & Test of Resolve

  • Renaissance - Test of Resolve, Impetus & Baroque

  • Horse and Musket - British Grenadier, Musket and Tomahawk 

  • Napoleonic - Sharpe's Practice, General de Brigade, Grand Manner, General de Armée

  • ACW- Franco Prussian War Picketts Charge, Jonny Reb 3

  • WW1 - Canvas Eagles, Wings of War

  • WW2 - Chain of Command, Battlegroup, Rapid Fire

  • Cold War/Modern - Force on Force, Able Archer

  • Fantasy Battles - Impetus Fantasy, Warhammer Battles, Mordhiem

  • Futuristic Wars - Tomorrows War, Warhammer 40k, X-Wing, Full Thrust

We also can play test your rulesets, recent playtests

  1. Ronin  - Osprey Publishing

  2. Valour and Fortitude Perry 

  3. Test and Resolve David Knight & Tim Couper


2 Large en-suite 160cm Bed   

We availability in June July & October - Email to Enquire 

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