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B&Bs; a perfect Vacation from everyday life

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

After just about everyone cancelled their summer holidays due to the global shutdown of world travel and tourism from March 2020, by August there was an equally overwhelming desire to get away on summer holidays, to soak up the sunshine and relax. A holiday away from home, became of paramount importance to escape the news, city, suburbia, home, and work. But the planning a 2020 summer holiday changed overnight for both tourism business and holidaymakers. New priorities emerged for holidaymakers who now wanted to avoid busy tourist destinations, uncertainty over travel resulted in the need for a new level of flexibility in refund policies in Accommodation bookings Term and Conditions. New standards had emerged for service providers with COVID19 standard Health and Safety. Future guests were asking themselves the questions about what level of caution would be much or too little? Then came the rolling announcements of on and off travel restrictions for various Governments across the EU and the Asia Pacific. So what happened to the 2020 summer holidays? Well, overall more were postponed to 2021 than taken.

What didn't change as summer came and went was the need to escape to the countryside. New post Lockdown top holiday inclusions were open fields, forests, rivers, beaches, green clean spaces. Low crowds or no people at all, and little hustle. Holiday bucket list day tour destinations were replaced by the need to just stop, breathe in clean air, look up to vast blue sky's, sip wine staring at sunsets. The result was the consistent choice by those consumers who did get take the risk and get away for a family holiday, was the choice of relatively isolated countryside self-catering accommodation without shared facilities. But for others who did not get away, they found themselves exhausted after just coping with the whole new world that we all collectively have found ourselves in. Finding new ways to care for our family's confined to homeschooling and remote workplaces in suburban homes and city apartments. The idea of a holiday where we could simply relax and be looked after was what was most desired. With holidaymakers instinctively avoiding big hotels and resorts what was to be the best option? The answer came in a simple solution, either at home, interstate or abroad, an escape to the warm welcome from a country B&Bs and French Chambre d'Hotes. After an intense first half of 2020, what was wanted was a break, no supermarket, cooking & washing up a quiet stay in accommodation with spacious gardens and family-style lounges rooms, and quiet. What was old fashioned is new again, home-style comfort, & personal service in Country House stays from Chateaux and grand historic homes to rambling Farmhouses. The simple pleasures of a holiday at a B&B, filled with home baking, regional farm to table food, afternoon tea served to you while reading, eating summer harvest fruits piled into bowls on tables.

These are the exact reason why our guests are choosing L’Hotel de Hercé for late summer and Autumn city escape vacations. In the town of Mayenne in Pays de Loire France, our historic home offers the perfect balance of French countryside, with all the lovely extras, of Restaurants, boutique village shopping, Chateau Museum and riverside walks, in a town surrounded by the green French countryside, of dairy farms, and the La Mayenne undulating river valleys, safe regional and quiet. So if you missed your summer holiday, there is time to book in for a shoulder season holiday, in a historic 18thc French country house.

For your safety and peace of mind for the next 8 months are only accepting one set of guests at a time. For your reassurance, we offer a full refund up to 24 hours prior to your arrival.

There will be no other guests, you can come to relax, visit the wonderful range of local attractions, or book a Guided Tour, or wargames with Matt in our new Salons de Guerre, and dine well in a wonderful range of local restaurants. Take a day trip into the Loire Valley to Angers or Saumur, do nothing, riverside walks, hire bicycle's and ride the long flat Velo Francette. The house is yours to read on the sofa in the grand salon or enjoy the garden. Be our special guests this Autumn, let us spoil you and leave refreshed and very relaxed. Book direct on the website or email, the owners of L'Hotel de Hercé Vanessa and Matt will be here to welcome you.

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28 August 2020

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