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European Train travel! The baby boomers return

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Two new Swedish words have entered Eco Tourism vernacular flygskam - ‘flight shaming’ & ‘tagskyrt’ ‘train-bragging’. This is being flagged to tourism operators of the move back to European train travel, for L'Hotel de Hercé; by Baby Boomer. 2019 travel trends of L’Hotel de Hercé guests, shows our foreign guests moving away from hire cars to enjoy train travel. With a strong uptake of train station transfers & private guide touring. Many want to relax and enjoy the trip, to just sit back and drink it all in. Yet all agree for them this is not to found on Bus Tour Holidays. The decision to Tavel by Train in Europe is motivated by several factors, firstly they are fantastic. Yet for many there is a nostalgia of 1980s train travel in Europe. Many remember their carefree days as “Back Packers“, with Euro Rail Pass in hand, train hopping across Europe. Some of our guests this year are again doing just that! Yet the reasons to revisit train touring is much more than nostalgia. The holiday factor of train travel is, its easier and more relaxing. Intercity trips on the French TVG fast trains, are faster, Paris to Laval driving is 3 hours, TGV 1.10min. When booked in advance Tickets can cost as little as €10. For many Baby Boomer travellers, often tired after long haul flights to Europe, the option of not having to negotiate city traffic, foreign road rules, tollways and the GPS is paramount. For executives escaping on annual holidays or on long service leave, an escape from city stress number 1. A complete change of pace is their holiday dream. Eco holidays are often resort based, yet our guest still want to explore, embrace the pleasure of the countryside, by more than simply driving through it. Our guests often emerge at

Laval Train station, with happy tales of enjoyable conversations with fellow travelers. Today a rare encounter, when on a train two stranges said hello and pass the time together. Most say their trip from Paris to us was simply relaxing they loved watching Paris, change to Normandy then to the rolling countryside of Mayenne. For all the journey was over much too quickly. #traintravel #ecotourism #travel #europass #trends #tourism #holidays #hospitality

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2 comentários

Membro desconhecido
06 de dez. de 2019

I‘ve Travelled to L’Hotel de Herce by both self drive and train. I would recommend both: On my first trip I had my family with me and we had a convoy of cars, and we really enjoyed making our way to Mayenne via all the back roads exploring castles, archaeological sites, cathedrals and little hamlets on the road. Recently, to took the TGV from Charles de Gaulle airport directly to Laval. I wanted to start my holiday in style. I really enjoyed the clean quiet trip, with a well stocked club car. I could sit and read my book, or do my embroidery while I saw the city scape of Paris change into the beautiful autumn colours of rural Pays…


Membro desconhecido
05 de dez. de 2019

I had the pleasure of European train travel this year starting from the wonderful Hotel de herce. What a wonderful way to see so many countries and meet many interesting people! Independant travel by train is so doable in Europe and we had such fascinating conversations with fellow travellers. We will be planning another rail adventure soon.

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