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Where do you go on vacation when living in France

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

In late spring with a full summer of bookings ahead of us, I decided to book little 5 night escape holiday for September. But where to go? Now an expert on French holidays what would we choose? A Gite self catering, I decided wanted quiet & no cooking. A hotel or resort? I wanted a private adult escape.Spain, too far, stay home? NO I knew we needed to get out. We had stayed in a delightful B&B last year on our return from Spain. So I looked unsuccessfully in our region for similar place. No luck, the private pool, garden, private lounge room, huge bedroom at the end of a stone cottage could not be found. So we rebooked for 5 days of lying by the pool, reading snoozing & soaking up the suns rays. Matt set up a work desk on the patio table in the shade, building model tanks, & soldiers. We did spend a few mornings exploring the area, visiting chateaus, almost empty medieval towns hidden away in green valleys. We ate lunch & dinners eating at the local brasseries or discovered restaurants , with friendly locals saying hello by our 3rd evening in Pompadour. So our holiday was immersed in the Poitou countryside, surrounded by orchards. Staying in a delightful stone cottage, being looked after by a delightful welcoming hostess. We ate simple French food drank local wine, holidaying like the French do. Embracing the simple best of this beautiful country.

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